iCardio Club

APP Solutions Ready for Sports Equipment Connection
Reduce R&D time and processes
A fast and dependable solution is ready for implementation!

You will not believe how easy it is to synch exercise equipment and mobile devices.
Not only that - it comes with high stability and fast functions.
We hope to save your R&D costs when developing sporting equipment so as to help enhance product image.

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APP Design
Simple, stable and high-tech user interface design

You must try iCardio Club yourself. Its high-tech simple design supports stability and this is why we are extremely proud of our technology.
Highly graphical and dynamic UI design allows users to learn how to use the device very quickly.

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Share your experiences with your friends and community!

Other than keeping records and managing your exercise information, iCardio Club also allows you to share your experiences with friends on your favorite social platforms.
Willingness to buy the device will be greatly enhanced.
Older models are also supported!  

In addition to newer models, all older models can be synched and exercise information managed manually.
Supported exercise equipment includes: Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical Machines, Stepper and Rowing.